Guiding services

For transformation projects

  • Perform a diagnostic of the situation
  • Identify key factors; factual, as well as human and environmental factors
  • Identify the objectives
  • Establish the Key Success Factors
  • Complete the transformation plan
  • Mobilize personnel
  • Execute the plan; monitor progress and make the required adjustments
  • Achieve your objectives

Each situation is unique; it is therefore essential to have an excellent understanding of the key elements and in particular of the human factors, often neglected, in order to achieve the expected results.

Setting up of a
subsidiary or division

  • Define the organization, its operating mode, and the appropriate structure
  • Set up the organisation: The right « players » at the right place
  • Define and implement processes and operating model
  • Complete the detailed plan
  • Start-up the new entity, monitor progress, make the required adjustments, ensure achievements of the targeted results

Key Success Factors are: A clear vision, a solid business plan, well executed and a closely monitored mobilization plan.

Set the proper goals/diagnostic, complete the right plan and above all, mobilize your team in executing the plan; we can guide you through this process, and share our success stories as well as the pitfalls to avoid.


« I have had the privilege to work with Marc since 1999 on several occasions.

Besides his extensive expertise in supply chain management and manufacturing, I remember from Marc his sense of ethics, his leadership, advising and mobilizing capabilities, able to deliver in the agreed time frame.

He possesses a unique ability to remain very calm in all circumstances and has a capability to understand and summarize complex issues and to extract from them innovative solutions.

Bottom line an excellent strategist! »

Richard Paquette
Les Équipements Manuquip Inc.
Over the last 10 years I had the privilege to work very closely with Marc, on major transformation projects in our Company, including business acquisitions and divestitures.

His ability to proceed in complex situations, to define targeted goals and to identify the required actions to reach these goals, all characterize quite well his professional ability.

Furthermore, his main contribution comes from his determination and his desire to deliver his commitments. A true professional.

Mario Bouchard
Advisor to the Chairman of the Board,and CEO
(Former Chief Development Officer)
Camso Inc. (Camoplast Solideal)
« I have known Marc for several years and he has worked with me on several complex projects.

He possesses a specialized expertise in strategic purchasing and in merger & acquisition. He is an advisor with an ability to have a major impact on a Company,

I appreciate his rigor and diplomacy to ensure timely and on budget implementation of his projects.

Quick-witted Marc is a determined partner, with an ability to satisfy both large and small Company needs. He is a true Professional»,

Marc-André Gervais
President General manager
Chief Executive Officer
Metal 7
Since Camoplast and Solideal merged in 2010, I have worked with Marc on several projects in our operation plans here in Sri Lanka.

With his guidance, his leadership and his capacity to focus, we developed a strategy for our compound mixing requirements to meet our long term needs. This project has brought substantial savings to the Company and is now fully implemented.

We also worked together on a project aiming to look at the viability of one of our underperforming manufacturing units and with a successful divestiture of part of the business and a turnaround plan, the business was turned back to profitability.

Marc’s leadership, teamwork and unique ability to work with the Sri Lankan culture has contributed greatly to the turnaround of this business.  I have learnt a lot working with Marc and he has been an inspiration when it came to achieve results with a very focused approach.

Koenraad Pringiers
Chief Executive Office
Camso Loadstar, Sri Lanka