Guiding services
Business development in Asia


  • Develop a Business plan
  • Identify your targeted markets
  • Identify your network and partner
  • Identify access to the market
  • Implement a distribution agreement
  • Get familiarized with business practises vs. local legislation

Each country, hence region, has unique particularities, whether formal or not. A good analysis and a solid business plan are essential to ensure a successful strategy.

manufacturing operations

Identify the right place, based upon various decision criteria:

  1. Access to markets
  2. Total operating costs
  3. Cultural factors
  4. Qualified workforce availability
  5. Business practises
  6. Legal aspects

Several factors must be considered before locating your manufacturing operations at the right location in order to ensure an optimal Performance.

Purchasing program

  • Search for and perform supplier selection
  • Negotiate commercial agreements and apply the right negotiation techniques
  • Implement an optimal and robust supply chain
  • Identify potential risks and set up a mitigation plan
  • Identify cultural factors
  • Review business practises
  • Identify legal matters

A good procurement strategy in Asia requires a thorough understanding of the market and of local practices as well as a strong business plan in order to secure your purchases and guarantee the lowest total cost.

We can guide you with your business plan implementation in Asia, and share our extensive experience as well as our vast network of contacts. You will also benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the different cultures and business practises in Asia.


I have now been working with Mr. Marc Guay for 8 years. He used to be once my senior Manager as well as my immediate supervisor. During the time we’ve worked together, he has always been generous to give me valuable advice coming from his lifelong experience.

I highly appreciate his analytical skills and accurate judgement and furthermore, he has an outstanding ability to overcome a crisis more than anybody else.

He has helped me quite a lot to prepare for the future of CAMSO Korea through new business development and investment plans as well as the accurate judgement and action on HR-related matters. As a pioneer, he also has contributed a great deal to the Company’s development of Asia business. Furthermore, he has a warm heart to understand Asian culture and is able to communicate with Asians with a truthful heart.

During the time we have shared, we have gone through difficulties together, which is the most precious time for me.

Woo Jeong Kim
I have had the privilege to work with Marc on many development projects in Asia since 2005.

Marc is a visionary, able to get a proper micro and macro perspective of a Company at a glimpse. His strategic advices always lead to positive results and to a financial growth in a company, whether the firm is based in Canada, in the US, in Europe or in Asia.

Besides being a bright, passionate and clever individual, Marc is someone with whom we always enjoy working with, thanks to his lively personality and the respect he shows for others and their ideas.

I recommend Marc to any entrepreneur who is looking for an ally with a knowledge of the different global challenges and who wants to grow in his current market and/or capture incremental market share internationally.

Caroline Bérubé
Managing Partner
HJM Asia Law
Guangzhou, China
Since Camoplast and Solideal merged in 2010, I have worked with Marc on several projects in our operation plans here in Sri Lanka.

With his guidance, his leadership and his capacity to focus, we developed a strategy for our compound mixing requirements to meet our long term needs. This project has brought substantial savings to the Company and is now fully implemented.

We also worked together on a project aiming to look at the viability of one of our underperforming manufacturing units and with a successful divestiture of part of the business and a turnaround plan, the business was turned back to profitability.

Marc’s leadership, teamwork and unique ability to work with the Sri Lankan culture has contributed greatly to the turnaround of this business.  I have learnt a lot working with Marc and he has been an inspiration when it came to achieve results with a very focused approach.

Koenraad Pringiers
Chief Executive Office
Camso Loadstar, Sri Lanka
I have the privilege to have Marc Guay as a member of my Board at Spectra Premium, for the last 4 years.

Marc has accumulated a vast experience in manufacturing, in distribution industry and in supply chain areas with a FOCUS on the development of business strategies on both local and international markets.

As far as I am concerned, he is an ideal candidate for any Company that is in a development process or that is re-questioning its business strategy, as he brings a great deal of experience and expertise in strategic planning.

An honest, dedicated and committed person, Marc will certainly turn out to be an influential person with a great added value for any management team who is facing such challenges.

You can be certain that if you do not ask yourself the right questions, Marc certainly will ask them !

Jacques Mombleau, CPA, CA
President and Chief Executive
Spectra Premium Industries Inc.