About us; Strateguide

When you retain our services you can expect access to high level strategies that will indisputably lead you to astounding results. Above all, we aim to guide you through the whole process and share our knowledge and experience with you and your team, so that you can master and improve upon them on your own afterwards.

We aim that you develop, hence master these expertise and abilities to perfection, so that they become core competences within your organization.

Marc Guay is a recognized leader, Senior Executive and Board Director, who has achieved an impressive track record working with successful international companies that are known as industry leaders in their own industries. Attentive, passionate and committed to guiding you towards reaching your goals.

He has a strong record of professional experience abroad: In the US, in Europe and more particularly in Asia (China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka …). He has a unique ability to understand local cultures and habits and knows how to adapt each of his strategies to the market he works with, to ensure their success. He will assist you throughout the process on the proper actions and approach to follow in order to achieve your objectives, while fully respecting local practices.

Marc successfully helped Companies achieve tens of millions of dollars in profit throughout his assignments, while maintaining a harmonious and collaborative working environment. He has always been recognized for creating successful and positive environments during his mandates.

Our philosophy

Just like our slogan, our objective is to guide you to ensure your success.

We will be assisting you throughout your project and we will transfer you our vast practical experience and above all, we will share with you our passion.

We will guide you through industry best practises, while sharing our unique approach mobilizing your team, towards achieving superior results.

This approach will be equally important, even essential for all your external partners in order to reach your goals. We will share our passion and commitment to obtain the optimal from your business relationships.


I have now been working with Mr. Marc Guay for 8 years. He used to be once my senior Manager as well as my immediate supervisor. During the time we’ve worked together, he has always been generous to give me valuable advice coming from his lifelong experience.

I highly appreciate his analytical skills and accurate judgement and furthermore, he has an outstanding ability to overcome a crisis more than anybody else.

He has helped me quite a lot to prepare for the future of CAMSO Korea through new business development and investment plans as well as the accurate judgement and action on HR-related matters. As a pioneer, he also has contributed a great deal to the Company’s development of Asia business. Furthermore, he has a warm heart to understand Asian culture and is able to communicate with Asians with a truthful heart.

During the time we have shared, we have gone through difficulties together, which is the most precious time for me.

Woo Jeong Kim
« I have known Marc for several years and he has worked with me on several complex projects.

He possesses a specialized expertise in strategic purchasing and in merger & acquisition. He is an advisor with an ability to have a major impact on a Company,

I appreciate his rigor and diplomacy to ensure timely and on budget implementation of his projects.

Quick-witted Marc is a determined partner, with an ability to satisfy both large and small Company needs. He is a true Professional»,

Marc-André Gervais
President General manager
Chief Executive Officer
Metal 7
« Marc Guay is an experienced strategic Manager!

He knows how to accurately identify growth factors within a Company, propose cohesive and measurable actions, all in accordance with his organizational values.

Under his leadership as Chairman of STIQ, we have experienced a remarkable growth over the last 5 years.

Normand Voyer
President of STIQ (1989 to 2014)
I have known Marc for about 10 years. We have had to work together on several occasions during this period.

Marc is someone who possesses great professionalism. His approach, his attentive listening ability and his desire to meet expectations are definitely his greatest strengths.

Whether he works with suppliers, with customers, with consultants or with anybody else, he will always have the same professional approach.

His knowledge of the supply market, of the global market, his concern for a job well done, meeting deadlines, his project management skills, his clear and straightforward communication skills makes of him an exceptional partner. All this always while maintaining a great respect for people.

If Marc gives you his word, you can be sure that he will keep his commitment.

Yvan Ambeault
Executive Vice President, Airboss Engineering Products