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Strategies and “guiding services” for Mergers & Acquisitions or for Divestiture processes.

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Strategies and “guiding services” for Selling, Purchasing or Manufacturing Operations in Asia.


Strategies and “guiding services” for Business transformation or Business Turnarounds.

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When you retain our services you can expect access to high level strategies that will indisputably lead you to astounding results. Above all, we aim to guide you through the whole process and share our knowledge and experience with you and your team, so that you can master and improve upon them on your own afterwards.

We aim that you develop, hence master these expertise and abilities to perfection, so that they become core competences within your organization.

Marc Guay is a recognized leader, Senior Executive and Board Director, who has achieved an impressive track record working with successful international companies that are known as industry leaders in their own industries. Attentive, passionate and committed to guiding you towards reaching your goals.

He has a strong record of professional experience abroad: In the US, in Europe and more particularly in Asia (China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka …). He has a unique ability to understand local cultures and habits and knows how to adapt each of his strategies to the market he works with, to ensure their success. He will assist you throughout the process on the proper actions and approach to follow in order to achieve your objectives, while fully respecting local practices.

Marc successfully helped Companies achieve tens of millions of dollars in profit throughout his assignments, while maintaining a harmonious and collaborative working environment. He has always been recognized for creating successful and positive environments during his mandates.


Marc has been and remains a strategic collaborator of our Company.

He has been the pillar of many transformation projects at Camso, through acquisitions, transformation or turnaround projects, in both the USA and Asia.

His main strengths are his ability to rapidly grab the essential of a situation and to surround himself with strong players and engage them towards excellence and the achievement of ambitious goals.

Pierre Marcouiller
Chairman of the Board, CEO
Camso Inc. (Camoplast Solideal)
«Committed ». A key word which describes Marc quite well when it comes to his entrepreneurial skills.

Strategic, creative, energetic” are some of the recurring terms that we often hear about Marc, but the level of his commitment towards his team members, suppliers and towards all involved contributors, makes the consulting project an experience rather than a mundane implementation exercise.

A unifying commitment which makes the whole difference in a project.

Guy Bessette
Managing Partner, entrepreneurcapital
Chairman of the Board of Fix Auto,
BSF/HOME, Inter V Medical Inc.
I have the privilege to have Marc Guay as a member of my Board at Spectra Premium, for the last 4 years.

Marc has accumulated a vast experience in manufacturing, in distribution industry and in supply chain areas with a FOCUS on the development of business strategies on both local and international markets.

As far as I am concerned, he is an ideal candidate for any Company that is in a development process or that is re-questioning its business strategy, as he brings a great deal of experience and expertise in strategic planning.

An honest, dedicated and committed person, Marc will certainly turn out to be an influential person with a great added value for any management team who is facing such challenges.

You can be certain that if you do not ask yourself the right questions, Marc certainly will ask them !

Jacques Mombleau, CPA, CA
President and Chief Executive
Spectra Premium Industries Inc.
Over the last 10 years I had the privilege to work very closely with Marc, on major transformation projects in our Company, including business acquisitions and divestitures.

His ability to proceed in complex situations, to define targeted goals and to identify the required actions to reach these goals, all characterize quite well his professional ability.

Furthermore, his main contribution comes from his determination and his desire to deliver his commitments. A true professional.

Mario Bouchard
Advisor to the Chairman of the Board,and CEO
(Former Chief Development Officer)
Camso Inc. (Camoplast Solideal)