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« I have had the privilege to work with Marc since 1999 on several occasions.

Besides his extensive expertise in supply chain management and manufacturing, I remember from Marc his sense of ethics, his leadership, advising and mobilizing capabilities, able to deliver in the agreed time frame.

He possesses a unique ability to remain very calm in all circumstances and has a capability to understand and summarize complex issues and to extract from them innovative solutions.

Bottom line an excellent strategist! »

Richard Paquette
Les Équipements Manuquip Inc.
« Marc Guay is an experienced strategic Manager!

He knows how to accurately identify growth factors within a Company, propose cohesive and measurable actions, all in accordance with his organizational values.

Under his leadership as Chairman of STIQ, we have experienced a remarkable growth over the last 5 years.

Normand Voyer
President of STIQ (1989 to 2014)
I have the privilege to have Marc Guay as a member of my Board at Spectra Premium, for the last 4 years.

Marc has accumulated a vast experience in manufacturing, in distribution industry and in supply chain areas with a FOCUS on the development of business strategies on both local and international markets.

As far as I am concerned, he is an ideal candidate for any Company that is in a development process or that is re-questioning its business strategy, as he brings a great deal of experience and expertise in strategic planning.

An honest, dedicated and committed person, Marc will certainly turn out to be an influential person with a great added value for any management team who is facing such challenges.

You can be certain that if you do not ask yourself the right questions, Marc certainly will ask them !

Jacques Mombleau, CPA, CA
President and Chief Executive
Spectra Premium Industries Inc.
«Committed ». A key word which describes Marc quite well when it comes to his entrepreneurial skills.

Strategic, creative, energetic” are some of the recurring terms that we often hear about Marc, but the level of his commitment towards his team members, suppliers and towards all involved contributors, makes the consulting project an experience rather than a mundane implementation exercise.

A unifying commitment which makes the whole difference in a project.

Guy Bessette
Managing Partner, entrepreneurcapital
Chairman of the Board of Fix Auto,
BSF/HOME, Inter V Medical Inc.