Guiding services

Mergers & Acquisitions and divestitures
the right strategy

  • Develop new markets
  • Expand your product portfolio
  • Acquire new technology
  • Acquire a competitor
  • Acquire a distribution network
  • Achieve economies of scale

Develop the right acquisition strategy aligned with your global business plan.

Identify and contact
the right target

  • Make a list of Companies meeting your strategy
  • Analyze the Companies you choose; Analyze markets etc.
  • Complete a Business case
  • Ensure that the targeted companies have a compatible Corporate culture
  • Find out how to make a « cold call »

Identify the Company meeting your objectives and compatible with your culture, find the right match!

Write a proper
offer and close the deal

  • First and foremost ensure to create & maintain interest throughout the process; Establish strong trust with key stakeholders
  • Determine the value of the Company and the structure of the transaction; share vs. asset purchase, fixed price, earn-out plan etc.
  • Prepare a proposal, a letter of intent, the purchase agreement
  • Prepare and perform the due diligence; Validate that the transaction meets the initial objectives.

A rigorous process as well as a professional and disciplined approach are essential Key Success Factors.

Define and execute the right
integration plan

  • More than 2/3 off all transactions have little or no success due to an inadequate or lack of a good integration plan
  • Develop a detailed integration plan; 5, 100 days, ≥ 1 year
  • Identify, retain and mobilize key employees
  • Identify and achieve targeted synergies

The preparation of a solid plan and most particularly a rigorous execution are essential to ensure a successful transaction.

We can assist you throughout the whole process so that you successfully achieve the right acquisition. The approach, the relation, hence the human factor is an essential Key Success Factor; for which we can guide you.


Marc Guay is a true gentleman but also a true business professional.

Not only does he possess the skill set that is required to complete an acquisition, but his personality, his confidence, and his great expertise bring a comfort level in the team that is hard to explain with words.

It is very simple, if I were buying a Company, I would want Marc to handle the transaction for me, and if I were selling my Company, Marc would be a welcome surprise to work with – from start to finish!

The Koon Family
Former owners of Cherokee Industrial Tires Inc.
« I have known Marc for several years and he has worked with me on several complex projects.

He possesses a specialized expertise in strategic purchasing and in merger & acquisition. He is an advisor with an ability to have a major impact on a Company,

I appreciate his rigor and diplomacy to ensure timely and on budget implementation of his projects.

Quick-witted Marc is a determined partner, with an ability to satisfy both large and small Company needs. He is a true Professional»,

Marc-André Gervais
President General manager
Chief Executive Officer
Metal 7
Over the last 10 years I had the privilege to work very closely with Marc, on major transformation projects in our Company, including business acquisitions and divestitures.

His ability to proceed in complex situations, to define targeted goals and to identify the required actions to reach these goals, all characterize quite well his professional ability.

Furthermore, his main contribution comes from his determination and his desire to deliver his commitments. A true professional.

Mario Bouchard
Advisor to the Chairman of the Board,and CEO
(Former Chief Development Officer)
Camso Inc. (Camoplast Solideal)
Marc has been and remains a strategic collaborator of our Company.

He has been the pillar of many transformation projects at Camso, through acquisitions, transformation or turnaround projects, in both the USA and Asia.

His main strengths are his ability to rapidly grab the essential of a situation and to surround himself with strong players and engage them towards excellence and the achievement of ambitious goals.

Pierre Marcouiller
Chairman of the Board, CEO
Camso Inc. (Camoplast Solideal)