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«Committed ». A key word which describes Marc quite well when it comes to his entrepreneurial skills.

Strategic, creative, energetic” are some of the recurring terms that we often hear about Marc, but the level of his commitment towards his team members, suppliers and towards all involved contributors, makes the consulting project an experience rather than a mundane implementation exercise.

A unifying commitment which makes the whole difference in a project.

Guy Bessette
Managing Partner, entrepreneurcapital
Chairman of the Board of Fix Auto,
BSF/HOME, Inter V Medical Inc.
I have known Marc for about 10 years. We have had to work together on several occasions during this period.

Marc is someone who possesses great professionalism. His approach, his attentive listening ability and his desire to meet expectations are definitely his greatest strengths.

Whether he works with suppliers, with customers, with consultants or with anybody else, he will always have the same professional approach.

His knowledge of the supply market, of the global market, his concern for a job well done, meeting deadlines, his project management skills, his clear and straightforward communication skills makes of him an exceptional partner. All this always while maintaining a great respect for people.

If Marc gives you his word, you can be sure that he will keep his commitment.

Yvan Ambeault
Executive Vice President, Airboss Engineering Products
Marc has been and remains a strategic collaborator of our Company.

He has been the pillar of many transformation projects at Camso, through acquisitions, transformation or turnaround projects, in both the USA and Asia.

His main strengths are his ability to rapidly grab the essential of a situation and to surround himself with strong players and engage them towards excellence and the achievement of ambitious goals.

Pierre Marcouiller
Chairman of the Board, CEO
Camso Inc. (Camoplast Solideal)
I have had the privilege to work with Marc on many development projects in Asia since 2005.

Marc is a visionary, able to get a proper micro and macro perspective of a Company at a glimpse. His strategic advices always lead to positive results and to a financial growth in a company, whether the firm is based in Canada, in the US, in Europe or in Asia.

Besides being a bright, passionate and clever individual, Marc is someone with whom we always enjoy working with, thanks to his lively personality and the respect he shows for others and their ideas.

I recommend Marc to any entrepreneur who is looking for an ally with a knowledge of the different global challenges and who wants to grow in his current market and/or capture incremental market share internationally.

Caroline Bérubé
Managing Partner
HJM Asia Law
Guangzhou, China